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New/Custom Product Development


We provide consultation services to engineering and manufacturing customers across Australia, and have the capacity to undertake simple to complex design projects. We provide recommendations on best product and selection for your application; engineering calculations for design purposes providing complete Power Transmission solutions and onsite installation could be arranged on request.

Our consultancy operations cover the following segments:  

  • Machine optimisation
  • Assembly optimisation
  • Cost optimisation
  • Machine/equipment design
  • Inplant material design

We also provide special customised designs to suit unique specifications as a result of our expertise in designing and manufacturing of customised projects for our clients throughout Australia. We have the capability to customise all our products to suit specific requirements. We can fully redesign our products to offer complete solutions.

Our customised designs include but are not limited to:   

  • Weight optimisation
  • Machine cost optimisation
  • Mechanism design
  • New machine design 

We can also design, machine and manufacture special adaptor flanges for non-standard components, where otherwise flanges would not match and therefore would not directly mount together.

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